Trying to decorate for Halloween?  Here are some ideas from HGTV for Halloween decorations that don’t take long to make.  The first decoration is the Witchy Broom Sticks.  To make them you will need broomsticks.  They need to be plain broomsticks with the straw top that can be purchased at most hardware stores and grocery stores. They need to look like this:

Broomsticks for Witch Decorations

  • Cut the plastic stripping from the edges.  A craft knife is good to use for this.  After you cut the plastic stripping, you need to cut the stitching, on the broom above the stitching is red, and remove it.  The bristles should kind of fan out after the stitching is removed.
  • If the bottom of the broom is plastic, you will need to paint it so it looks like wood.  You will also need to take the plastic off that is right below the bristles.  Paint the plastic with a brown paint made for plastic.
  • Add a touch of orange spray paint, like below, to the front of the bristles and to the back of the bristles.

Broomstick for Witch Decorations

  • Wrap the brown stick in holiday lights.  The female end should be at the top of the pole.  Wrap the lights tightly around the pole.  If you paint the bristles orange, use orange lights.  You can paint the bristles purple and use purple lights.  Wrapping the lights should look like this:Holiday Lights on Witch Broomstick
  • Put the broomsticks in the ground to light your walkway.  An easy way to make a hole in the ground for your broomsticks is to use an auger connected to a cordless drill.  Drill down 6 to 8 inches, put the broomsticks in the hole, and smoosh the dirt around the broomstick so it stays anchored in the ground.
  • Plug in the extension cord and light up your broomsticks.

Witch Broomsticks for Halloween

Your trick-or-treaters will be amazed at your walkway!

Another idea for your yard is a family of ghosts.

Family of Ghosts Halloween Decorations

  • You need two small white trash bags for each ghost and double bag them.  You are going to stuff the bags with newspaper and if you don’t double bag them the newspaper print will show through the bag.
  • Stuff the bags with newspaper.
  • Have a PVC pipe cut at your local hardware store.  Depending on how many family members, that is how many pieces of pipe you will need.  The length of each pipe needs to be different because baby ghost isn’t as tall as mama ghost and so on!
  • Take the PVC pipe and put it into the bag that has been stuffed with newspaper like this:

Ghost Decorations for Halloween


  • Tie the bag onto the stick with some string or yarn.
  • Next, drape a sheet over the bag and tie with white string or yarn.  It should look like this:

Ghost Decorations for Halloween

  • Once you have all of your family members made, take a wooden dowel or metal rebar and hammer it into the ground.  Space them out so your family members will be in a circle.
  • Slide your ghost over the rebar.
  • Personalize the members of your ghost family by adding wigs, hats, and makeup on mama ghost.
  • Take the corners of the sheets on each ghost and tie them to each other so it looks like they are holding hands.

Wow–your little trick-or-treaters will love these decorations!


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