Ghost JugsSupplies Needed:

  • Clean plastic gallon milk jugs
  • Black Sharpie
  • Craft knife
  • String of 50 clear low-wattage holiday lights or battery powered tea–lites

This is an easy and cheap Halloween project for the family!  You can make ghosts or pumpkins or both!  Use them to line the sidewalk or driveway or bunch them together on your porch.  The ones above have white lights and look more like ghosts.  The ones in the picture below have multi colored lights in them and look more like pumpkins!  There are many things you can do with these ghosts and pumpkins!  Happy Halloween!

Ghost Jug Pumpkins

Ghost Jug Pumpkins


Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jugs.  Leave the caps on the jugs while you draw the faces so the jugs won’t dent.  You can draw the eyes and mouths free hand or you can cut out stencils using cereal boxes.  The cardboard from the cereal boxes make great stencils!  Use the craft knife to cut a hole in the back of the plastic jugs.  The hole needs to be big enough to be able to stuff lights in them or to put the tea-lites in them.  Probably the size of a half-dollar would work.  Arrange the ghosts near each other and string the lights between them.  To get the ghosts to light up, stuff some of the lights inside of them.  Use clear lights for more of a ghost effect.  If you want more of a pumpkin look, use orange lights.  To keep the jugs from blowing away stick a heavy rock in them.

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