Oreo Spider Snacks:

Ingredients Needed:

Oreo Cookies

Pretzel Sticks

Scribblers or Icing and M&M’s

Push 8 pretzel sticks into the frosting of the Oreo cookies.  Place them so they are on the sides.  Four pretzel sticks on one side and four on the other side so they look like legs.  If you want to be even more creative, dip the pretzel sticks into brown icing so they look more like legs.  For the eyes, you can make white blobs with your Scribblers and make a little dot of whatever color you want on the white blob.  If you don’t have Scribblers but you have white icing you can place a blob of icing for the eyes and put an M&M on the icing or a chocolate chip.  Either way will make great eyes for your spider!  Make this for an after school treat or for a Halloween party!


Ghost Marshmallow Snacks:

Ingredients Needed:

Jumbo Marshmallows

Pretzel Sticks

Black Scribblers

Put the marshmallows on the end of the pretzel sticks.  If you have white icing you can dip the sticks into the icing to make it look more like a ghost!  Use the black Scribblers to draw faces on your ghosts.  Place on a serving plate!  What an easy after school treat for the kiddos!

Watch the above video for more ideas and for a demonstration of the spider and ghost snacks!

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