Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays!  We love all of the activities involved in Halloween.  For example, the days leading up to Halloween where we decorate the inside and outside of the house and of course Halloween night when we go trick-or-treating.  We love dressing up in costumes, decorating the house in a spooky fashion, and just having fun together!

There are many ways to decorate your house inside and out.  Some people decorate with witches and monsters, others with graveyard sites and zombies, others with ghosts and goblins.  I have seen graveyards created in front yards with scary sounds and fog creeping along the ground.  I have seen gigantic spider webs strung from tree to tree or strung across porches.  And don’t forget the huge spiders that people put in their front yards.  I have found that the houses that are decorated the best are usually the best ones to take the kids to for trick or treats.  These families really get into the spirit of things and they not only have the best decorations but they usually have the best treats!

There are those people that turn their homes into haunted houses.  They are the ones that really love Halloween!  These are the kinds of people that love to decorate to entertain their neighbors and that love to have trick or treaters stop by!

Some people like to dress up and sit at their door and scare the kids when they come to the door!  Others will hide in the bushes and jump out to scare the trick or treators!  Some subdivisions will have parades through the streets before the kids go trick or treating.  I always thought this was a great idea because it built great friendships with the kids and parents!

If you are into Halloween decorating there are many things you can buy today to decorate with.  You can buy monsters, talking skeletons, fog machines, witches, gravestones, and just about anything else you can think of.  There are lots of things on the internet also.  Go to Buy Costumes to check out their selection!  Happy Trick or Treating!

Halloween Props and Decorations

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