Decorating pumpkins for Halloween is fun for everyone including the little kids to the grown up kids!  For the little kids it is easier to decorate pumpkins than to carve pumpkins.  You can use all kinds of different items to decorate with.  Candy, glue dots, stickers, hats, bandanas, pipe cleaners, and many more items can be used.  Just use your imagination!  Here are a few easy and affordable ideas.

Decorating your pumpkin as a cowboy will go over great with the guys!  You will need eyeball shaped sucker rings for the eyes, wax lips for the mouth, a self-adhesive mustache, a bandana, a sheriff’s badge, and a cowboy hat.  Clip the sheriff’s badge to the bandana and place the other items on the pumpkin to make a great cowboy pumpkin!

A spider pumpkin is another great idea.  You will need glue dots, wiggle eyes and black pipe cleaners.  Use the glue dots to put the wiggle eyes on the pumpkin.  You can arrange the eyes however you want.  Watch the video to see how they have done it.  Use the pipe cleaners for the legs.  You can also use the pipe cleaners to make a mouth.  You can make all different kinds of spider pumpkins by decorating them differently and then put them all on your porch.  You might want to buy some spider webbing to put around your spider pumpkins!

A princess pumpkin would be a fun idea for the little girls.  You will need a fake crown, glue on jewels, wax lips, white, black and purple paint for the eyes, and foam for the hands.  Put the crown on top of the pumpkin and glue the jewels around the base of the crown.  Paint white circles with black circles inside for the eyes.  Paint black eyelashes and paint purple on the top third of the eyes.  Use a jewel for the nose and the wax lips for the mouth.  Cut out hands and glue them on.  Watch the video for an illustration.

Watch the video for more easy and affordable ideas for pumpkins.



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