Use the force!  If your child is a Star Wars fan then you will want to dress him up as the great Chewbacca for Halloween!  Bring his friends along, dressed up as the many characters from Star Wars and have a Halloween your child and friends will never forget!

Star Wars Costumes

Let your child’s Star Wars dreams come true in a Chewbacca Halloween costume.  Chewbacca was an immense, fur covered warrior of great strength and loyalty.  What child wouldn’t want to be the awesome Chewbacca for Halloween!

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Star Wars Chewbacca CostumeThis little mini Wookiee is as cute as can be!  He will grow up to do great things in the universe!  So soft and adorable, these Wookiee costumes include a character headpiece with brown furry embellishments on the top of the headpiece.  The under leg snap closure makes this costume ideal for the little one!  Don’t forget the sash and pouch that add that final touch to the costume.  This costume is made of a plush, thick, soft fleece fabric for comfort and warmth.  These baby Wookiee costumes are one of the cutest little costumes to bring home for your child to dress up in this Halloween.  Available in infant and toddler sizes.


 Dress your child up in the mighty Chewbaca, wookiee warrior costume.  Chewbacca was as strong as a gladiator.  He was also loyal and Star Wars Child Chewbacca Costumeas savvy as the best of them.  This is a costume of the young Chewbacca, years before his days of traveling the galaxy with Han Solo.  This costume comes with a furry body suit and a screen-printed sash.  Also included with the costume is a pouch, fuzzy gloves and a full over-the-head latex character mask.  Make sure you pick this up for the best Halloween yet!  Available in child sizes.


Adult Chewbacca Halloween Costume Dress as a big Chewbacca with your little Chewbacca and have a Halloween you will never forget!  This deluxe costume comes with a faux-fur chocolate brown jumpsuit  and a full over the head latex Chewie mask.  Also included are gloves and a bandolier with a pouch.  Dress your family as Star Wars characters for an intergalactic group theme!  Available in one size:  Adult Standard.


 Dress up in the most realistic Chewbacca costume outside of the movies!  Chewbacca was knownfor his great strength and loyalty.  He Star Wars Chewbacca Collector's Edition Adult Costumewas a warrior and defended his home alongside the other wookiees.  He was a true hero of the Rebellion. This costume includes a fur body suit and over the head mask that are completely covered with hand layered multicolored long fur for an authentic look.  Latex hands, sash and pouch are also included with the costume.  Look authentic in this supreme costume!  Available in Adult Size only.

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Chewbacca was a Wookiee character in the Star Wars franchise.  He appeared in the films Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Episode V: the Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  Chewbacca was gentle, hairy, and did not speak English.  He was a brave warrior and a skilled pilot.  He was as strong as a gladiator and loyal even at great personal risk.  Chewbacca was from the planet Kashyyk.

Wookiees are creatures that live for a long time.  Chewbacca was born almost 200 years before the Star Wars films.  When Chewie was young he was adventurous and explored the dangerous depths of the forests on Kashyyyk.

Chewbacca became Han Solo’s first mate and constant companion.  Han Solo was ordered to kill Chewbacca because Chewbacca was a slave for the Empire.  Han did not kill Chewbacca and was decommissioned from the Imperial Navy and later became a smuggler.  Chewbacca served Han for the rest of his life because Han didn’t kill him.

During the Yuuzhan Vong attack on Sernpidal, Chewie helped Han’s son Anakin evacuate the residents to safety.  Although he was able to get Anakin to the Millennium Falcon in time, Chewie was killed when Sernpidal’s moon collided with the planet.  The other Wookiees constructed a tree memorial on Kashyyyk in memory of Chewie and to commemorate his bravery.

Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca in all of the Star Wars films.  He was chosen to play Chewie because of his height.  He was 7 foot 3 inches and was the perfect person to play the role of Chewie.

Chewbacca’s costume was made from mohair and yak hair.  Stuart Freeborn designed the costume.

Chewbacca’s voice, terrifying growls and roars, was created by the original films’ sound designer, Ben Burtt.  Chewie’s voice was a mix of recordings of walruses, camels, bears, rabbits, tigers and badgers.  The individual recordings were mixed at different ratios to create Chewbacca’s signature roar.  One of the most prominent elements in Chewie’s voice was a black bear named Tarik, from Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, California.

The death of Chewbacca in Vector Prime was a controversial moment in the Expanded Universe.  Even though this wasn’t the first character death in the Expanded Universe, it was the first death of a major character from the movies.  It was also the first death of a favorite character of Star Wars fans.


Wookiees are completely fur-covered animals.  They are very tall, usually more than 2 meters tall, and are widely known as ferocious opponents and loyal friends.  The Wookiee lives several times the lifetime of a human.  Their language consists of grunts and growls.  They can understand other languages but their limited vocabulary makes it impossible for them to speak anything other than their own language.

 Star Wars

Star Wars was written by George Lucas.  The first movie was originally released on May 25, 1977 and was called Star Wars.  This movie was released by 20th Century Fox and was followed by two sequels, The Empire Strikes Back, released on May 21, 1980, and Return of the Jedi, released on May 25, 1983.

As of 2008, the six Star Wars movies have totalled approximately $4.41 billion in overall box office revenue.  This makes the Star Wars series the third highest grossing film series.  James Bond and the Harry Potter films are the only films to have made more than the Star Wars films.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe includes books, television series, video games, and comic books.  The supplements to the film trilogies have resulted in significant development of the series’  fictional universe.

Fun Star Wars Facts:

  • Lucas got the idea for Chewbacca one morning while watching his wife, Marcia, drive off in her car. She had their Alaskan malamute with her. The malamute’s name was Indiana named after Indiana Jones. The large shaggy dog was sitting in the passenger seat and Lucas liked the way he looked so he decided to create a character that was a cross between Indiana the dog, a bear and a monkey. Thus, Chewbacca was born!
  • David Prowse, a weightlifter from Bristol, played the role of Darth Vader on screen. The voice of Darth Vader was that of James Earl Jones. David Prowse was so convinced the film would be a flop that he refused to allow his name in the original credits. David Prowse was the body of Darth Vader and Sebastian Shaw was the face of Darth Vader.
  • Luke Skywalker’s name was originally Luke Starkiller, but was changed from Starkiller to Skywalker.
  • The studio was unsure about the film and the cast was thrown by the strange dialogue and story. This often led to tension and awkwardness while they were filming. No one had any idea the film would be such a smash hit.
  • Lots of unknown actors were used for the younger characters.
  • In 1973, George Lucas was an unknown director working on a low budget 1960’s nostalgia film called “American Graffiti”. He approached Universal studios about making a film called, “Star Wars”. Universal turned him down which proved to be one of the biggest mistakes ever made by a studio.
  • The small actor in R2-D2 is Kenny Baker and is less than 4 feet tall.
  • Chewbacca’s name is inspired by the name of Chebika City, in Tunisia, near the place where Tatooine scenes where shot.
  • The name of Jawa is from the Lucas family doctor’s name.
  • Alec Guinness performed all of his appearances in 6 hours in the Empire Strikes Back.
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO are characters inspired from the famous comics duo of Laurel and Hardy.
  • In 1996, 37% of the toys sold in the United States were Star Wars products.
  • Princess Grace of Monaco was the very first person to get the first set of 4 Star Wars action figures.
  • Return of the Jedi was originally titled Revenge of the Jedi – but later underwent a title change because according to Lucas, a Jedi would never take revenge.
  • For Star Wars 20th anniversary, the first episode film renovation cost as much as the original movie which was 10 million US dollars.
  • Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen Lars toy action figures never made it to the final toy stage.
  • The Millenium Falcon was originally inspired by the shape of a hamburger with an olive on the side.
  • One of the deadly, hurling asteroids in During the Empire Strikes Back famous asteroid scene is actually a potato.
  • The sound for the LightSabers were recorded by moving a microphone next to a TV set.


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